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Xtreme LED system is dedicated to delivering the pinnacle of high-quality, cutting-edge digital display screen technology. Whether you require Digital Display screens or Large Screen Displays, our unwavering commitment to excellence sets us apart.


Xtreme, a prominent LED screen manufacturer with nine years of experience, specializes in delivering top-tier SMD LED displays suitable for both indoor/outdoor applications. Our product range includes rental LED displays, front-service LED screens, flexible LED screens, poster LED screens, transparent LED screens, indoor HD LED displays, and perimeter LED displays.


Xtreme, founded in 2015, has fostered strong partnerships with leading LED display material brands such as Cree, Nichia, Nationstar, Epistar, Novastar, Meanwell, and MBI. We cater to customized requirements, designing and producing a diverse range of LED display screen products. Our commitment includes providing free technical support and after-sale services.


Top-notch LED screens boasting CE, RoHs, FCC, and UL certifications; Rigorous quality control and streamlined company management; A proficient overseas sales team and technical engineers; Offering highly efficient customized products; Upholding responsibility, delivering on our promises—Xtreme for a strategic partnership.

Indoor HD LED Video Wall

An indoor LED screen, designed for indoor settings that provides expansive visibility, exceptional reliability, prolonged lifespan, lightweight construction, straightforward installation and convenient maintenance. Xtreme stands as a global leader in HD resolution LED displays that provides top-tier, highly stable HD LED displays characterized by ultralight weight, ultra-thin profiles, outstanding performance, seamless splicing, and more.

Indoor & Outdoor Rental LED Display

Opting for a rental LED screen is the optimal choice to make a lasting impact at any event, given its configurable and modifiable screen size. This versatility is particularly advantageous for audiovisual professionals. Xtreme presents a comprehensive selection of indoor and outdoor rental LED screen products tailored for events, stages, stores, television studios, boardrooms, and various venues. As a rental LED screen company, our displays ensure commendable resolution and image quality, rivaling that of the finest permanently installed LED screens. You have the flexibility to select the ideal series for your rental applications.

Commercial LED Display Screen

A commercial LED screen finds its installation atop buildings, on facades, major highways, bus stations, and various other locations. The LED commercial advertising display screen ensures continuous display of your advertisements and information 24/7, and its extended service life guarantees a worthwhile and profitable investment. Xtreme provides an extensive array of product categories encompassing both indoor and outdoor commercial LED displays that featuring diverse pixel pitches. These displays caters to advertising, hotels, stores, governments, subways, enterprises, shopping malls, banks and stock exchange centers as well as train and bus stations, airports, and more.

More LED Displays Board

Xtreme also offers soft flexible LED display screens, advertising poster LED screens and grid LED display screens – each adhering to industry standards. Request a quote from us today!

Transparent LED Screen

The transparent LED screen is designed to transmit light like glass, typically installed behind window glass for a seamless blend. Xtreme's transparent screen undergoes continuous development, upgrades, and optimizations, ensuring high transparency, ultra-lightweight, smart control, simplicity and plug-and-play functionality, a high refresh rate, and light transmittance of up to 70%. The outdoor transparent LED display panel significantly minimizes wind resistance, enhances cooling efficiency, all while preserving indoor visibility.

LED Screen Solution

Xtreme stands as a leading industry supplier and solution provider for LED screens. We offers a diverse range of top-quality LED displays crafted under rigorous quality control. Our standout features include high resolution, elevated IP grade, incredibly lightweight and thin panels along with convenient front and rear maintenance. Distinctive in these aspects, we surpass other LED screen suppliers. Whether you're in search of LED displays, LED screen rentals, or post-purchase support and service, we've got you covered.

Technical Support

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Installation Instruction Service

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Technical Training

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LED Screen Manufacturer Solution

Xtreme, established in 2015, is a seasoned LED screen manufacturer specializing in indoor and outdoor full-color LED displays and interactive screens. Over the years, we have emerged as leaders in the realm of LED displays.

Xtreme is your go-to destination for top-notch and resilient LED screens. We prioritize extensive research and development in crafting our LED products. Our commitment lies in maintaining the highest standards and utilizing premium materials without compromising quality. We exclusively employ the most reliable and top-performing components. Stay informed about our latest products and technologies for a cutting-edge experience.

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Our Capability

Xtreme boasts state-of-the-art automated production equipment, and crucially, it possesses an efficient production system.

Our Quality

Xtreme consider quality as vital to our existence. We rigorously adhere to ISO9001 requirements in all processes.

Our Market

Our products earned trust across others nations as we maintain a high standard of quality with competitive prices.

Our Warranty

We provides two-year warranty on displays, modules, and components. At this time, quality issues will be addressed directly.

​​​​​​​LED Screen Manufacturer​​​​​​​

Xtreme is dedicated to revealing the beauty of the world through the provision of high-quality outdoor and indoor LED screens and solutions.

LED Display Cases

Xtreme is an expert LED screen manufacturer and solution providers that are delivering the most dependable products and top-tier services for global projects. Every product undergoes through and professional testing, demonstrating Xtreme's unwavering commitment to maintaining high quality.

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Transparent LED Display

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