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Newcomers in the Global Market and the Usefulness of LED Displays

One of the major reasons why the demand for LED displays is on a rise is digitalization. With the rising number of companies in the digital space, the requirement for better advertisement soared as well. And that was the point in time when the market started getting filled with companies that provide affordable LED displays.

Some of them like Eager LED have gained quite a name for themselves because they understood the need of all the customers. And so, they positioned themselves in a waythat made them the perfect choice for all the companies who could want quality LED display at that time.
How can LED displays help with promoting a company/brand?
In today’s time when all the big cities are filled with LED video walls and screen walls, it is pretty much easy for any company to get their hands on high-end LED display for the betterment of its public stature.

If you’re an up and coming brand in any sector whatsoever, you need to fathom the role of customized LED display and use it smartly to both promote your product and tease your customers about your unreleased ones.

But before anything else, you have to find out the best LED display< factory that can provide you with customized LED display if you want. A factory of that sort will be of great help because it offers you all the available options regarding LED screen modules and displays, and allows you to choose the best one according to you.
How can LED displays help with promoting a company/brand?
Whether you are a newcomer, or a seasoned businessperson, you need to keep your name afloat in the market. And the best way to do it is to get associated with companies that have resources that can be helpful to you, which in this case is Eager LED.

If you connect with Eager LED, you’ll have access to a company that offers the best LED displays in Shenzhen. Apart from all that, you’ll also be able to get the best LED display panel for your product launches.

So what are you waiting for? Connect with Eager LED today and get the finest LED screen wall or LED video display board for your company.


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Latest Cases

Why Is Naked-Eye 3D LED Display So Popular?

Why Is Naked-Eye 3D LED Display So Popular?

In recent years, glasses-free 3D has become a hot word, and wherever it appears, it will quickly become a hot topic on the Internet and a check-in point for Internet celebrities. With its three-dimensional and realistic picture display effect, it brings people a novel and shocking visual experience. It has not only become the “new favorite” of outdoor advertising, but also a new landmark of the city, releasing huge commercial value. Compared with traditional LED outdoor large screens, the development of naked-eye 3D large screens not only further enhances the image of the city, empowers the local economy, and revitalizes commercial vitality under the new consumption trend, but also enhances visual shock and interactivity, and can greatly Improve the effect of advertising communication; moreover, it does not need to wear any special glasses, so it is sought after and loved by more and more people.


So, what are the advantages and characteristics of the naked eye 3D LED display? Today, we will reveal the secret to you!

1.What is naked eye 3D LED display?

Naked-eye 3D LED display is a display device specially designed for viewing 3D effects with naked eyes. Compared with the traditional 3D display technology that needs to be matched with 3D glasses to see the 3D effect, the glasses-free 3D technology can directly display the 3D picture, so that the audience can enjoy a more natural, real and comfortable picture without wearing any auxiliary devices.

The screen adopts the angled design, combined with 3D video materials, allowing viewers to appreciate real 3D images with naked eyes. It is installed outdoors, and like traditional LED displays, it is usually installed on building facades, attracting passing potential customers to stop and watch 3D brand stories or product details, leaving a deep impression on them.

3d 4

2.Working principle of naked eye 3D LED display

The naked-eye 3D LED display actually uses different parallax distances to achieve a three-dimensional effect of space. The left and right images are alternately displayed on the high-speed screen, and then the naked-eye 3D effect is produced with the help of the visual effect of the human eye.

Moreover, it combines 3D digital display technology with traditional flexible LEDs and produces 3D images. The reason why people can enjoy naked-eye 3D images or videos is that the depth of images displayed by naked-eye 3D outdoor LED displays is different, which makes the human eye produce the visual illusion of perceiving the displayed 2D images as 3D images.

At present, large LED screens realize naked-eye 3D. In fact, most of them use the distance, size, shadow effect, and perspective relationship of objects to construct a three-dimensional effect in a two-dimensional picture.

3d 2

3.Technical requirements for naked-eye 3D LED large screens

Compared with traditional LED screens, in order to present the best naked-eye 3D display effect, 3D LED screens have high requirements for software and hardware configuration.

In terms of hardware, it is difficult for traditional flat LED displays to present 3D effects, because the rendered image cannot enter the left and right eyes of people through the optical structure to produce parallax. Therefore, the 3D LED display requires a flexible LED display that can be installed at a 90° right angle or arc. In addition, the naked-eye 3D display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve higher contrast and HDR high dynamic range, so the outdoor LED screen used for 3D display technology should have higher brightness and refresh rate.

In terms of software, a more professional decoder is required to achieve naked-eye 3D effects. The decoder must be able to support material mapping and correction functions for special-shaped display carriers, and support the underlying optimization of high-bit-rate decoding. The 3D LED display should support high-definition, high-color-depth video encoding, and be able to adapt to a variety of video import and playback software.

3d 3

4.Advantages of naked eye 3D LED display

Since naked-eye 3D LED displays have higher commercial viability than traditional LED advertising screens, consumers and brands are paying more attention to this type of LED creative screens. 3D advertising displays present more realistic and convincing 3D images than 2D because of the larger area, higher pixel density, and the absence of edge physical elements that would make the image appear unreal.

Therefore, naked-eye 3D LED displays can bring brand images and product displays to life. In addition, 3D images bring viewers a novel visual experience that 2D images do not have, thereby motivating customers to spend more time exploring brands and products.

5.Features of naked eye 3D LED display

(1)High refresh rate.

The naked-eye 3D LED display can achieve a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which means it can bring a smoother and more natural viewing experience to the audience, while also avoiding dizziness and visual fatigue.

(2)High brightness and color performance.

The naked-eye 3D LED display adopts advanced LED light source technology, which can achieve very high brightness and color performance, and can show very vivid and real effects even in outdoor environments.

(3)Easy to use and maintain.

Glasses-free 3D LED display does not require special 3D glasses, and does not have any special requirements and restrictions. It is very convenient to use and easy to maintain and maintain.

(4)Wide range of applications.

Glasses-free 3D LED displays can be used in various occasions, such as large-scale entertainment venues, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, etc. It can provide different display requirements for different users, and has a very broad market potential.


6.The value of naked-eye 3D LED display

(1)Help build city landmarks

The naked-eye 3D LED large screen, with its realistic three-dimensional sense, immersive experience and cool and eye-catching sense of surprise, perfectly integrates with urban buildings, endows the city with a sense of modernity, becomes the city’s “business card”, and helps the image of the city to spread .

(2)Enhance the value of brand advertising

The creative and stunning naked-eye 3D LED display project, combined with the unique architecture, can attract more eyeballs, gather more popularity, bring unlimited business opportunities, and help enhance the value of brand advertising.

(3)Improve entertainment and interactive experience

The naked-eye 3D creative display project, through unique video effects and realistic interactive experience, can also form a cultural circle of online and offline activities, and create an entertainment venue with interactive experience inside and outside the screen.

3d 6

The emergence of naked-eye 3D LED display has greatly expanded the new field of 3D technology application, and even aroused the audience’s desire for more visual enhancement.

In short, the naked-eye 3D LED display has received more and more attention and pursuit due to its unique display technology and excellent display effect. In the future, it is expected to play a more important and extensive role in various application fields and become one of the representatives of display technology in the new era.

Technology | In Summer, How To Deal With Outdoor LED Displays?

Technology | In Summer, How To Deal With Outdoor LED Displays?

In summer, the weather of high temperature, typhoon, heavy rain and thunder and lightning gradually increases. What are the precautions for the installation of outdoor LED displays?

Lightning protection

The effect of lightning on the monitor is fatal, and if it is struck by lightning, the damage to the monitor can be very serious. Therefore, the outdoor LED display must be equipped with lightning rods and lightning protection equipment. The distribution box is installed on the lightning protection device and then grounded to protect the safety of the outdoor LED display.


In the typhoon season, in order to prevent the screen of the outdoor fixed LED display from falling, there are strict requirements on the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the typhoon resistance standard to ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall.

Water proof

There is a lot of rain in the south, so the LED display itself must have a high degree of waterproof protection to avoid rain erosion. For example, the Xtreme outdoor rental LED display reaches IP65 protection level, the module is filled with glue, and a waterproof box is used to connect the module and the box with a waterproof rubber ring.

High temperature protection

In summer, the external temperature is high, and the heat dissipation problem needs to be solved. When designing the case, choose a hollow design to help dissipate heat. During installation, add cooling devices on the display, such as installing air conditioners or fans to help the display dissipate heat.

Technology | How To Choose A Stage Rental LED Display ?

Technology | How To Choose A Stage Rental LED Display ?

What is a stage LED display? In fact, the LED display used in the stage background is called the stage LED display. The biggest feature of this display is that it can provide a rich performance stage background, and combine the realistic picture with the shocking music effect perfectly. People produce an immersive scene feeling, subverting the traditional visual experience.

So what is the difference between the LED stage rental screen and the traditional display? How to choose a good stage rental LED display?

Compared with traditional indoor and outdoor display screens, stage display screens require different configurations due to different uses and functions. The following is a comparison of the difference between the LED stage rental screen and the traditional display:

1. The difference between the cabinet

Generally, traditional outdoor LED display are waterproof cabinets with relatively heavy structures. The indoor one is also a simple cabinet; for the LED stage rental display, it is usually made of die-cast aluminum cabinet, which has a light and thin structure, high stability, and is easy to install and disassemble at any time. It is suitable for holding concerts and stage performances.

2. Different selection

Because the stage rental screen has a high display of stage beauty, the screen playback effect is required to be clearer. Therefore, the general indoor environment adopts the indoor rental LED display, which will use the small-pitch P2.5 P2, etc., and the outdoor adopts the P6 P5 model. At present, for the rental market, Xtreme has launched a variety of cabinet series products, the models cover all mainstream models on the market, including P2 P3 P3.91 P4.81 and so on.

3. Installation method

As mentioned earlier, the disassembly and installation of the stage rental screen is convenient and fast. For example, after a concert, it can be disassembled and transported to another stage for construction. The traditional indoor and outdoor LED display screens are usually fixed installation methods. After the installation position is fixed, it will not be easily moved.

The above is the biggest difference between traditional display and stage rental screen. Other differences include price quotation, configuration, installation environment and so on.

Technology| Advantages And Features Of Soft LED Module

Technology| Advantages And Features Of Soft LED Module

At present, the market is also in great demand for flexible soft LED modules. It can be used to make a variety of different shapes, user display or advertising display, to attract more users to stay and appreciate! Follow the editor to share the specific advantages and features with you!

Compared with the traditional PCB material, it has higher hardness. The flexible FPC circuit board made of flexible insulating base material has high-strength anti-compression and anti-distortion capabilities, which can better solve various installation difficulties.

Most of the installation methods of LED flexible modules are mainly based on magnetic column suction, which is convenient and fast to install, and easy to shape. The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as the conventional indoor screen installation method, and the connection lines of the box are all fast 1-speed pairing. The joint connection is firm and reliable, saving you the “power of the flood”.

The LED flexible module has good ductility and can be arbitrarily shaped, and can be hoisted, installed, and hung. Using advanced digital video processing, technology distributed scanning, 360-degree high-definition display, modular design, constant current static drive, high-brightness true color output.

LED flexible modules are of high quality and can be repaired at a single point with low maintenance costs; high brightness, low dead lamp rate, energy saving and power saving; seamless splicing, which can control the splicing error between modules within plus or minus 0.1mm, The flatness is good, the use of silicone, the hand feels soft and the fingers do not protrude.

Summary: The above is the whole content of “What are the advantages and characteristics of LED soft modules?” shared by the editor today, I hope it can help you!

Technology | Features Of Outdoor Advertising LED Displays

Technology | Features Of Outdoor Advertising LED Displays

Outdoor advertising commercial LED displays, with their vivid and real visual experience, make LED large screen an indispensable member of outdoor advertising carriers. Especially in the commercial center of the city, where there is a lot of people, outdoor LED large screens can be seen everywhere.

Due to the particularity of the environment, the performance and quality requirements of the outdoor LED large screen are much higher than other conventional LED displays. So, in order to meet the requirements of the outdoor display, how can the outdoor LED large screen be stable and stable? good effect? Here’s an analysis for you:

1. High-definition display effect

As the main carrier of video advertising, outdoor LED display screen needs to have high-definition display effect. These include high resolution, high brightness, high contrast, etc. High resolution ensures that high-quality advertising pictures can be well presented; high brightness ensures that the picture can be clearly displayed under direct sunlight; high contrast is the color of the picture. A strong guarantee for uniform and delicate images.

2. Energy saving and emission reduction

Outdoor LED displays must respond to the government’s call, and energy conservation and emission reduction must be implemented as important standards in manufacturing, including product power consumption, product scattering performance, and the amount of steel structure required for product installation.

3. High protection level

Because it is used outdoors, the weather environment must be taken into account. The outdoor LED large screen generally needs to reach the protection level of IP68, so that it can fully adapt to all kinds of bad weather, ensuring that the outdoor LED large screen has strong weather resistance and can be used for a long time. , to ensure that the customer’s profit is maximized.

4. Large viewing angle

The main task of the outdoor LED display is to advertise and promote the image. Therefore, letting more audiences see the picture is the primary goal of the outdoor LED display. It adopts a large viewing angle design to cover the viewing angle to the greatest extent.

A good outdoor LED display must have the above four elements at the same time. In addition, Xtreme has an aesthetic design that does not affect the appearance of the building in the outdoor advertising display solution, which is unique in the display of outdoor advertising media.

Technology|Advantages And Features Of LED Soft Modules

Technology|Advantages And Features Of LED Soft Modules

At present, the market is also very interested in LED flexible soft modules. demand. Can be used to create a variety of looks, user display or advertising display, attract more users to stop and appreciate! Everyone will see some special LED displays in some special places. They all look weird. In fact, they are all assembled from a red LED soft module. Let me share with you the specific advantages and characteristics of Xiaobian!

1. Most of the installation methods of LED flexible modules are mainly based on magnetic column suction, which is convenient and fast to install and easy to shape. The installation method of magnetic suction is as simple as the conventional indoor screen installation method, and the connection lines of the box are all fast 1 Quick butt joint connection, firm and reliable.

2. Compared with the traditional PCB material, it has higher hardness. The flexible FPC circuit board made of flexible insulating base material has high-strength anti-compression and anti-distortion capabilities, which can better solve various installation difficulties.

3. Good ductility, soft and flexible LED screen can be arbitrarily shaped, among which the cylindrical screen has high brush performance, can be hoisted, installed, hung, etc., 360-degree high-definition display, modular design.

4. High quality, single-point maintenance, low maintenance cost; high brightness, low dead light rate, energy saving and power saving; seamless splicing, the circuit board adopts wave soldering process, and has a green oil oxygen barrier layer, which prevents the circuit from being damaged. Moisture, oxidation, improve the service life.

Technology | The Advantages Of High Refresh Rate Of LED Display

Technology | The Advantages Of High Refresh Rate Of LED Display

In the indoor HD LED display industry, the word “refresh rate” has always been one of the important indicators of small-pitch LED displays.

The operating principle of the “refresh rate” of the small-pitch LED display is to refresh the screen by turning on and off the light-emitting chip line by line. The “number of refreshes” per second is what we call “refresh rate”, while the high refresh rate , also brings many advantages.

1. Comfortable eye protection

Generally speaking, when the refresh rate is above 1000HZ, it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the flickering changes, but even so, when the refresh rate is low, it is easy to feel uncomfortable when watching, and even cause damage to the eyes.
And Xtreme's small-pitch LED display has a refresh rate of more than 1920, which not only ensures the visual effect of the screen, but also protects the eyes and reduces discomfort.

2. The publicity effect is good

In media publicity, photography and videography are often used, and the high refresh rate of the small-pitch LED display can effectively reduce water ripples, so that mobile phone shooting or camera shooting can be as authentic as possible, approaching the effect seen by the naked eye. , so that propaganda gets twice the result with half the effort.

3. Wide range of applications

A high refresh rate can bring a better visual experience, while also broadening the application range of small-pitch LED displays.
For example, small-pitch LED displays can be used in live sports events, concert projections, news displays, business district displays, commercial securities displays, etc., with stable picture effects and bright colors, while not letting go of every inch of detail. Restore as wonderful as possible.

About XtremeLED Transparent Led Big Screen Product Analysis And Features User Manual ...

About XtremeLED Transparent Led Big Screen Product Analysis And Features User Manual | XtremeLED

In the field ofLED transparent screens, different models of products have different application requirements. It is not chosen casually. The most widely used model in the market is the transparent LED large screen P3.91. Let's do a specific analysis around this product:

The spacing of the LED transparent screen P3.91 is actually 3.91mm/7.81mm, that is, the spacing between the horizontal lamp beads is 3.91mm, and the vertical spacing of the lamp beads is 7.81mm. 

The greater the pixel density, the clearer the display effect, so the display effect of the P3.91 transparent LED large screen is clear. But the clearer the screen, the more expensive the screen per unit area. This is also easy to understand: because the more lamp beads per unit area, the lamp beads are one of the main factors affecting the price in the transparent screen.

But clarity and transparent screen are contradictory to some extent. The clearer the screen, the lower the transparent screen, because the density of the lamp beads and the distance between the light bars become smaller, so the occlusion increases, and of course the permeability will be lower. At present, the transparency rate of LED transparent screen P3.91 can reach about 65%. Through the optimization of the structure of the power box and the light bar, the permeability is further improved by up to 75% without affecting the product stability and playback effect.

The higher the high-definition screen, the better for close viewing. Therefore, the transparent led large screen P3.91 is a screen for close viewing. Usually suitable for the viewing distance of 4 to 20 meters. Therefore, it is more used in the fields of indoor windows and shopping mall atriums. It should be because these areas have a short viewing distance and high requirements for playback clarity. And also need a certain degree of permeability. Overall, P3.91 is the most suitable. If you look closely, the area is generally not very large. Therefore, its application area is mostly within 60 square meters.

Summary: For indoor viewing at a close distance, the screen area is not large, and there are requirements for playback clarity and transparency, then the P3.91 transparent LED screen is your best choice.

LED Display Indoor And Outdoor Differences


Many people have such needs, want to know what is the difference between indoor and outdoor led display?

The following is the difference between outdoor and indoor collected by Xiaobian:

1. For outdoor production, the glue is poured first and then the kit is installed, and the glue is generally not applied indoors.

2. It needs to be fully waterproof outdoors, but not indoors.

3. The outdoor brightness is high, and the indoor brightness is generally OK.

4. Fully enclosed cabinets are used outdoors with high protection level; direct aluminum or simple cabinets with low protection grades are mostly used indoors.

5. The outdoor structure also needs to be waterproof, and the indoor structure does not need to be waterproof.

6. For outdoor use, waterproof and moisture-proof must be considered first, otherwise the circuit board may be damaged if water enters.

7. Suspension position, font size, brightness, reflective brightness should also be considered outdoors, otherwise the words on the screen cannot be seen during the day; in view of the impact of summer high temperature exposure on LED electronic displays, appropriate heat dissipation measures and high temperature resistant LEDs should be taken Nixie tube; screen size, appearance and communication requirements, etc.

Commonly Used Cabinets For LED Displays | XtremeLED

Commonly Used Cabinets For LED Displays | XtremeLED


The LED display screen with a large area is not a single structure, it is spliced by N boxes. The cabinet plays an important role in the display, which can not only protect the internal components, but also split the LED display for transportation and maintenance. Let's take a look at the common LED display cabinets on the market together with the editor.

1. Aluminum alloy box

This kind of LED box is characterized by relatively low density, very high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, and can bear a certain load capacity.

2. Iron box

The iron box is a common box on the market. Its advantages are cheap price, good sealing, and easy to change the shape and structure. The shortcomings are also obvious. The weight of the iron box is too high, which is not easy to install and transport. In addition, its strength and precision are not enough, and it is easy to rust after a long time.

3. Die-cast aluminum box

Die-casting aluminum cabinets are often used in rental displays. They are characterized by high strength and precision, and light weight. More importantly, they can achieve seamless splicing and have better effects on screen display. The die-casting aluminum led display is molded at one time, the flatness of the cabinet is more guaranteed, the tolerance range is effectively controlled, and the problem of the cabinet seam is basically solved; the humanized design is more convenient to install, lighter, and the cabinet seams and connecting lines are more secure. Reliable; light in weight, adopts hoisting structure, more convenient and firmer to install; adopts imported power connector, connection, safer and more reliable. The signal and power connections between the cabinets are connected in a concealed manner, and there is no trace of any connecting wires after installation. Such as our Xtreme XT500C3 seriesXT1000C3 series and so on.

4. Carbon fiber box

The carbon fiber box design is ultra-thin, light in weight, good in strength, with a tensile strength of 1500kg, and the weight per square meter is only 9.4kg. With a fully modular design, maintenance is more convenient, and the 45-degree right-angle side can realize 90-degree splicing and installation of the screen body. At the same time, a non-transparent backplane is provided, which is suitable for large-area installation in the fields of sports venues and outdoor advertising lights.

5. Magnesium alloy cabinet

Magnesium alloy is an alloy composed of magnesium and other elements. Its characteristics are: low density, high strength, good heat dissipation, good shock absorption, greater impact load capacity than aluminum alloy, and good corrosion resistance of organic matter and alkali. Magnesium alloy used as the LED display cabinet is cost-effective, easy to install, and excellent heat dissipation makes the product more market-leading. But at the same time, the price of the magnesium alloy cabinet is also higher than other cabinets.

XtremeLED | Indoor LED Display Advantages And Applications


Compared with the traditional TV program display equipment, the advantages of the LED display screen are rich colors, convenient application, and can be flexibly adjusted according to the actual program type and projection requirements. In recent years, with the continuous development of the media industry, the types of TV programs have become more and more abundant, and the requirements for the presentation methods of TV programs have become higher and higher. Therefore, LED displays are more and more widely used in the media industry.

1. At this stage, in many large-scale high-definition studios, LED displays are used as scenes to display program content. For example, indoor LED screens are used as large background screens, circular mobile screens, sky screens, etc., while in some small high-definition studios, LED screens are set at different angles to realize the display of various media materials. It can be said that the application of LED displays in high-definition studios has become the mainstream trend and will become more popular in the future.

2. From the current application scenarios of LED displays in TV high-definition studios, they mainly include speech contests, variety shows, competition programs, awards shows, etc. Different usage scenarios have different application strategies for LED displays. Its advantages mainly include two aspects: on the one hand, the application of LED display also has a strong role. Virtual and flexible, it can not only display media materials, but also serve as lighting equipment; on the other hand, it can display various media materials such as videos, pictures, etc. through the LED display screen, and can also realize split-screen function program playback as needed.

3. With the continuous development and improvement of LED display technology, its application in the TV media industry is becoming more and more extensive. Compared with traditional display equipment, the application of LED displays in high-definition studios can not only greatly enrich the display content and improve the display clarity, but also reduce the difficulty of work in high-definition studios and further promote the improvement of TV programs. 

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