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Control Room


The high-resolution control room visualization platform customized by Xtreme is widely applied in public security, military, traffic safety, firefighting, urban emergency, and monitoring & command centers of other industries. It integrates various channels of information for comprehensive display, switches data, graphics, images, video & other information dynamically, and realizes real-time & full-screen presentation of multiple ultra-high-resolution images such as geographic images, to facilitate the flat command & control, linkage integration and process visualization of the control rooms.


Visualization of command & dispatch

Directly visualize decision-making, command and dispatch with a panoramic display of operation in real time.

Fusion of integration & linkage

Integrate relevant information deeply, visualize big data aggregation digitally, assist with linkage command plans, and dispatch resources multi-dimensionally.

Real-time communication & collaboration

Interconnect communication and collaboration, and transmit decision-making results directly. The real-time interaction from multiple parties has formed a joint emergency command network with linkage and connection.

Multi-dimensional video surveillance

Front-line videos of emergencies and major events can be viewed immediately in full screen and in multiple dimensions, providing the most reliable information such as scenes of the incident, traffic lines, coverage area and so on for timely inference and decision making.

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