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XDCN silver nanowire Series

XDCN Series silver nanowire capacitive touch panel employs nano silver capacitive touch technology and provides excellent touch, writing and display performance.


Elegant Pure Flat Design

XDCN Series comes with pure flat surface and ultra-narrow bezels. The curved corners are not only designed for aesthetics, but also to help protect the safety of users during installation and use.

True-to-Life Visual Experience

XDCN Series offers unparalleled visual experience with 4K UHD image, reduced glare and wider viewing angle, ensuring visual clarity for audience from the front corners of the room.
Furthermore, users can turn down the brightness for ECO purpose, or adjust the tone, contrast, hue, etc. to achieve specific display effect.

Highly Customizable Sound Effect

  • Different sound modes perfectly fit your environment
  • Optional subwoofer gives you an even better sound effect

Accurate & Natural Writing Experience

XDCN Series brings you perfectly natural writing experience with high accuracy and efficiency.
  • Non-latency response
  • Mistouch Prevention
  • 20-point writing on Android
  • 40-point writing on Android

Built-In Dual OS

XDCN  Series comes with built-in Android and optional OPS. You can decide either OS as default channel when powered on.
  • Android 11
  • CPU: Cortex A73×4+A55×4
  • GPU: G52×8
  • RAM+ROM: 4G+32G/ 8G+64G/ 8G+128G

OTA Update

XDCN Series supports over-the-air (OTA) update. When notified about an available update, users can accept to download the update on their device at their convenience.
This is a much more efficient way to fix bugs and update software and firmware than to go to a physical store and manually upgrade each individual device.

Power Schedule

Users can customize their power schedules to save time and energy as well as prolong the life of their device.
  • Scheduled on/off
  • Auto sleep and power off
  • Temperature detection and overheat protection

Data Security

We provide protections from several aspects to guarantee data security on your device.
  • Lock screen with password
  • Lock screen with USB
  • USB permission
  • Channel permission
  • App Lock
  • Third-party App permission

Multiple Network Options

XDCN Series provides Wi-Fi, Ethernet and hotspot for network connection.
  • Wi-Fi 6
  • Dual Wi-Fi

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They are all manufactured according to the strictest international standards. Our products have received favor from both domestic and foreign markets.
They are now widely exporting to 200 countries.


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