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LED display being applied to create immersive and dynamic backgrounds, the application of LED screens for virtual production and filming is now a new trend in post pandemic era. The LED virtual studio integrates high-configuration LED walls, camera tracking system and real-time rendering technology, and applies advanced technologies like motion capture, XR (extended reality, includes augmented reality, mixed reality, and virtual reality, which are AR, MR and VR in short respectively) to complete virtual production without chroma keying and costly post-production.

A massive LED video wall can deliver dynamic digital sets that replace traditional greenscreens. To achieve more immersive settings, a LED ceiling and LED floor can be further assembled with great flexibility. Meanwhile, the light coming from the LEDs provide realistic colors and reflections on the figures and props, generating a more natural environment with great imagination for actors. Through the lens, a full picture can be presented to directors and DOPs (Director of Photography) as well to discuss real-time adjustments on location before shooting.


Higher flexibility

No need for complicated and expensive set designs. LED display can be spliced into different shapes to meet the shooting needs. Virtual production background can be changed without limitation to save the cost of set transfer and long-time post-production.

Unlimited creativity

Boundless creativity can be generated and presented on the LED walls. By interfacing with the camera, LED walls can be virtually extended into a full virtual world even under a single environment.

Realistic restoration

7680Hz extreme high refresh rate, 16bit+ grayscale, 1500nit brightness, accurate color restoration and no color cast from different angles add value to LED screens to restore a realistic filming background without color spill brought from green-screen production.

Real-time production

Virtual environment is being generated on the server in real time. Tweaking is allowed on location to perfect the produced content. The shorten workflows streamline the post-production process and ease budget and time pressure.

Strong compatibility

LED display provides high compatibility & interoperability with the real-time rendering engines (Unreal Engine, Notch), media servers and platforms (Disguise, Pixotope) and tracking equipment systems (Mo-sys, Stype, BlackTrax, Optitrack, Vicon, etc.).

Immersive experience

Dynamic digital background is no doubt providing a more immersive environment to actors and actresses on set to perfect their performance than traditional green or blue screens.

How LEDs Work for Virtual Sets

Virtual graphics can be rendered and presented onto the LED displays. With the camera swinging around and angles changing, the LED background can be shifted precisely in the same way, which simply can't achieve with green screens. This allows the motion-tracked cameras to apply traditional cinematography techniques within the virtual settings. Combined with on-site props and environmental simulated auxiliaries like lighting to create a strong sense of reality, cinematic movements with parallax effect can be achieved that the actor or object in the foreground moves at a different speed than the LED background behind, amplifying the illusion of filming at the specific location.

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