The high-resolution data center visualization platform tailored by Xtreme finds extensive application in smart city, smart transportation, smart energy, smart security & protection, smart network, smart business park, and data centers across various industries. It delivers diverse business data aggregation, integrated analysis, dynamic monitoring, threshold warning, and real-time operation in ultra-high clarity. This platform serves as a real-time, direct, and accurate intelligent display and control system for data centers.


Data partition visualization

Partition the entire screen into distinct display sections to achieve the real-time presentation, correlation, and comparison of various business data, emphasizing key information.

Mass data monitoring

The 24/7 operating intelligent display system guarantees continuous, real-time, comprehensive monitoring of vast data and seamless integration with mainstream IoT (Internet of Things).

Flexible front-end data invoking

Invoke front-end data, including various charts, data, images, computer signals, etc., onto the LED screen flexibly. In conjunction with specific events for comparative analysis.

Confidential data decentralized

Since confidential data might be decentralized to distinct users, they can access relevant data and content from separate screens, preventing leaks and unauthorized operations.

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