In recent years, glasses-free 3D has become a hot word, and wherever it appears, it will quickly become a hot topic on the Internet and a check-in point for Internet celebrities. With its three-dimensional and realistic picture display effect, it brings people a novel and shocking visual experience. It has not only become the “new favorite” of outdoor advertising, but also a new landmark of the city, releasing huge commercial value. 

Compared with traditional LED outdoor large screens, the development of naked-eye 3D large screens not only further enhances the image of the city, empowers the local economy, and revitalizes commercial vitality under the new consumption trend, but also enhances visual shock and interactivity, and can greatly Improve the effect of advertising communication; moreover, it does not need to wear any special glasses, so it is sought after and loved by more and more people.


What are the advantages and characteristics of the naked eye 3D LED display?

Today, we will reveal the secret to you!

1.What is naked eye 3D LED display?

Naked-eye 3D LED display is a display device specially designed for viewing 3D effects with naked eyes. Compared with the traditional 3D display technology that needs to be matched with 3D glasses to see the 3D effect, the glasses-free 3D technology can directly display the 3D picture, so that the audience can enjoy a more natural, real and comfortable picture without wearing any auxiliary devices.

The screen adopts the angled design, combined with 3D video materials, allowing viewers to appreciate real 3D images with naked eyes. It is installed outdoors, and like traditional LED displays, it is usually installed on building facades, attracting passing potential customers to stop and watch 3D brand stories or product details, leaving a deep impression on them.

3d 4

2.Working principle of naked eye 3D LED display

The naked-eye 3D LED display actually uses different parallax distances to achieve a three-dimensional effect of space. The left and right images are alternately displayed on the high-speed screen, and then the naked-eye 3D effect is produced with the help of the visual effect of the human eye.

Moreover, it combines 3D digital display technology with traditional flexible LEDs and produces 3D images. The reason why people can enjoy naked-eye 3D images or videos is that the depth of images displayed by naked-eye 3D outdoor LED displays is different, which makes the human eye produce the visual illusion of perceiving the displayed 2D images as 3D images.

At present, large LED screens realize naked-eye 3D. In fact, most of them use the distance, size, shadow effect, and perspective relationship of objects to construct a three-dimensional effect in a two-dimensional picture.

3d 2

3.Technical requirements for naked-eye 3D LED large screens

Compared with traditional LED screens, in order to present the best naked-eye 3D display effect, 3D LED screens have high requirements for software and hardware configuration.

In terms of hardware, it is difficult for traditional flat LED displays to present 3D effects, because the rendered image cannot enter the left and right eyes of people through the optical structure to produce parallax. Therefore, the 3D LED display requires a flexible LED display that can be installed at a 90° right angle or arc. In addition, the naked-eye 3D display technology pays more attention to the details of the image. In order to achieve a better display effect, the display hardware needs to achieve higher contrast and HDR high dynamic range, so the outdoor LED screen used for 3D display technology should have higher brightness and refresh rate.

In terms of software, a more professional decoder is required to achieve naked-eye 3D effects. The decoder must be able to support material mapping and correction functions for special-shaped display carriers, and support the underlying optimization of high-bit-rate decoding. The 3D LED display should support high-definition, high-color-depth video encoding, and be able to adapt to a variety of video import and playback software.

3d 3

4.Advantages of naked eye 3D LED display

Since naked-eye 3D LED displays have higher commercial viability than traditional LED advertising screens, consumers and brands are paying more attention to this type of LED creative screens. 3D advertising displays present more realistic and convincing 3D images than 2D because of the larger area, higher pixel density, and the absence of edge physical elements that would make the image appear unreal.

Therefore, naked-eye 3D LED displays can bring brand images and product displays to life. In addition, 3D images bring viewers a novel visual experience that 2D images do not have, thereby motivating customers to spend more time exploring brands and products.

Features of naked eye 3D LED display

(1)High refresh rate.

The naked-eye 3D LED display can achieve a refresh rate of up to 120Hz, which means it can bring a smoother and more natural viewing experience to the audience, while also avoiding dizziness and visual fatigue.

(2)High brightness and color performance.

The naked-eye 3D LED display adopts advanced LED light source technology, which can achieve very high brightness and color performance, and can show very vivid and real effects even in outdoor environments.

(3)Easy to use and maintain.

Glasses-free 3D LED display does not require special 3D glasses, and does not have any special requirements and restrictions. It is very convenient to use and easy to maintain and maintain.

(4)Wide range of applications.

Glasses-free 3D LED displays can be used in various occasions, such as large-scale entertainment venues, cinemas, museums, exhibitions, etc. It can provide different display requirements for different users, and has a very broad market potential.


The value of naked-eye 3D LED display

(1)Help build city landmarks

The naked-eye 3D LED large screen, with its realistic three-dimensional sense, immersive experience and cool and eye-catching sense of surprise, perfectly integrates with urban buildings, endows the city with a sense of modernity, becomes the city’s “business card”, and helps the image of the city to spread .

(2)Enhance the value of brand advertising

The creative and stunning naked-eye 3D LED display project, combined with the unique architecture, can attract more eyeballs, gather more popularity, bring unlimited business opportunities, and help enhance the value of brand advertising.

(3)Improve entertainment and interactive experience

The naked-eye 3D creative display project, through unique video effects and realistic interactive experience, can also form a cultural circle of online and offline activities, and create an entertainment venue with interactive experience inside and outside the screen.

3d 6

The emergence of naked-eye 3D LED display has greatly expanded the new field of 3D technology application, and even aroused the audience’s desire for more visual enhancement.

In short, the naked-eye Glasses-free 3D LED display has received more and more attention and pursuit due to its unique display technology and excellent display effect. In the future, it is expected to play a more important and extensive role in various application fields and become one of the representatives of display technology in the new era.

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