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Technology | The Advantages Of High Refresh Rate Of LED Display

Technology | The Advantages Of High Refresh Rate Of LED Display

In the indoor HD LED display industry, the word “refresh rate” has always been one of the important indicators of small-pitch LED displays.

The operating principle of the “refresh rate” of the small-pitch LED display is to refresh the screen by turning on and off the light-emitting chip line by line. The “number of refreshes” per second is what we call “refresh rate”, while the high refresh rate , also brings many advantages.

1. Comfortable eye protection

Generally speaking, when the refresh rate is above 1000HZ, it is difficult for the human eye to distinguish the flickering changes, but even so, when the refresh rate is low, it is easy to feel uncomfortable when watching, and even cause damage to the eyes.
And Xtreme's small-pitch LED display has a refresh rate of more than 1920, which not only ensures the visual effect of the screen, but also protects the eyes and reduces discomfort.

2. The publicity effect is good

In media publicity, photography and videography are often used, and the high refresh rate of the small-pitch LED display can effectively reduce water ripples, so that mobile phone shooting or camera shooting can be as authentic as possible, approaching the effect seen by the naked eye. , so that propaganda gets twice the result with half the effort.

3. Wide range of applications

A high refresh rate can bring a better visual experience, while also broadening the application range of small-pitch LED displays.
For example, small-pitch LED displays can be used in live sports events, concert projections, news displays, business district displays, commercial securities displays, etc., with stable picture effects and bright colors, while not letting go of every inch of detail. Restore as wonderful as possible.


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