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Technology | In Summer, How To Deal With Outdoor LED Displays?

Technology | In Summer, How To Deal With Outdoor LED Displays?

In summer, the weather of high temperature, typhoon, heavy rain and thunder and lightning gradually increases. What are the precautions for the installation of outdoor LED displays?

Lightning protection

The effect of lightning on the monitor is fatal, and if it is struck by lightning, the damage to the monitor can be very serious. Therefore, the outdoor LED display must be equipped with lightning rods and lightning protection equipment. The distribution box is installed on the lightning protection device and then grounded to protect the safety of the outdoor LED display.


In the typhoon season, in order to prevent the screen of the outdoor fixed LED display from falling, there are strict requirements on the load-bearing steel frame structure of the display. The engineering unit must design and install in strict accordance with the typhoon resistance standard to ensure that the outdoor LED display will not fall.

Water proof

There is a lot of rain in the south, so the LED display itself must have a high degree of waterproof protection to avoid rain erosion. For example, the Xtreme outdoor rental LED display reaches IP65 protection level, the module is filled with glue, and a waterproof box is used to connect the module and the box with a waterproof rubber ring.

High temperature protection

In summer, the external temperature is high, and the heat dissipation problem needs to be solved. When designing the case, choose a hollow design to help dissipate heat. During installation, add cooling devices on the display, such as installing air conditioners or fans to help the display dissipate heat.


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