XD-320F Series 960x960mm Outdoor Front Service LED Screen | Xtreme

Outdoor Commercial Advertising LED Display Screen XD-320F Series Outdoor Front Service LED Sign

● Full Frontal Outdoor Service
● High Efficiency Cooling
● All Weather Outdoor Work
● Module size 320×320mm
● Easy maintenance and operation
●  Wide viewing angle, no reflection


XD-320FES Series 960x960mm Outdoor Front And Rear Service LED Screen | Xtreme

High-quality Dual Service Energy Saving Outdoor LED Screen XD-960FES 960x960 Front& Rear Service LED Display
Outdoor fixed installation, Aluminum cabinet and modules,
Common cathode power saving, front and back service.
●  Special waterproof design : IP66
●  Perfect screen flatness
●  Support dual service with front and rear series
●  480mm×320mm size modules
●  960×960mm size cabinet
●  Different modules use same HUB
● 140°Super Wide Viewing Angle



XD-960R1 Series 960×960mm Standard Rear Service LED Screen | Xtreme

Commercial LED  Display Screen XD-960R1 960×960 Standard Rear Service LED Display

● High Refresh Rate is more than 1920Hz
● The display could be operate in - 20 ℃ ~50℃
● Module size 320×320mm, Cabinet size 960x960x120mm
● Easy maintenance and operation