Outdoor front and rear clothing energy-saving LED screen

Product Series: XD-96FS Outdoor Series

Project Date: 2022.9

Display area: 60.83 square meters

Project introduction: This project is used for the outdoor display. The LED display adopts Xtreme brand outdoor P6.67 module. The installation size of this LED display is 31.68×1.92m, and the display effect is amazing.

Xtreme XD-96FS series products are energy-saving LED displays for outdoor front desk services. 960*960mm standard size cabinet, 480mm*320mm module size, 75mm ultra-thin thickness design. Ultra low heat and power consumption, saving and great visual experience. Front and rear maintenance dual service, easy to disassemble, easy to install, easy to remove, easy to maintain. Comes with a seat belt to prevent the mod from falling and hitting people. The aluminum chassis features a lock-edge screwless design. The fully sealed design protects its internal components. Die-cast aluminum chassis, the recovery rate of the whole machine is 90%. Long service life with 30% redundancy when using 7000nits. With 10000nits, 3000nits can maintain 7000nits for 5 years. BTB connectors replace data cables and power cables with high stability. 5VB fire rating. Seamless splicing, IP66 dustproof and waterproof, high refresh IC provides a higher-definition display screen. Shocking viewing angles, great audiovisual effects and high refresh rates are some of the hallmarks of our products.

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