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Ultra Narrow Panel Motorized Monitor Lift

Ultra Narrow Panel Motorized Monitor Lift

●  motorized LCD monitor lift with 10.1" rear screen

1) choose A gauge high-definition LCD screen and A resolution of 1920 * 1080 p, 16:9 screen ratio (widescreen) support custom multipoint capacitive touch, touch is capacitive/mo type level 7, 10 points touch, touch the response time of 5 ms or less), the shell is made of super narrow, ultra-thin screen ideas plus A integrated and circular arc edge design (screen frame edge thickness is only 4 mm the thinnest); Surface technology with fine grit blasting of dumb light of anodic oxidation, light and fashion, beautify the desktop, concise, atmospheric office and meeting environment;

2) display screen using new 2.5 D tail laminating process, the black screen width is 5 mm, improve the effect of the display screen, efficient reduction of the picture. Screen Angle is adjustable within 0 to 30 degrees, through the electronic chip memory learning to realize arbitrary elevation Angle positioning, according to the actual circumstance of the participants can be unified set any Angle of elevation (a learning orientation Angle can, need not every time learning);

3) for touch screen panel key switch (standby mode shows that round the clock status, light touch awakened interface, no instructions for about a minute after return to clock state), touch sensitive, high-end appearance, superior quality, stable performance and long use does not reduce key sensitivity;

4) adopts mechanical hand clamp design, incorrect operation when the panel is closed clamp after hand or other things, triggers to prevent hand switch, the machine will automatically rise a distance open panel, more effective to prevent the occurrence of task in the process of lifting machine. Inside the tank chain walk line structure, the machine is running up and down there will be no line card line;

5) adopts full aluminum chassis design, anodic oxidation treatment, corrosion resistant leading industry standards, enclosure cover plate to increase ventilation cooling performance to ensure the product;

6) using permanent magnet ac mute motor, characterized by long life, silent. Lifting belt drive way, greatly reducing the transmission process of physical noise, the noise is small, no slip and long service life, high transmission efficiency, resistance to wear;

7) support HDMI, VGA signal automatic recognition and a key switch, support custom three way HDMI signal switching function, support the central (RS232, 485), remote control, manual control;

8) support USB extension function, support manual switch machine function independently.

9) panel USB without connecting external devices support USB charging

10) 49 mm wide top-down ultra narrow panel installation, small damage to the desktop. It is easy to install

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