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18.5 inch LCD monitor lift

18.5 inch LCD monitor lift

Product description: 18.5 inch LCD monitor lift

Pop up LCD Monitor Lift is advance hiding all in one equipment designed for audio video system in office furniture.

Monitor lift all in one system,

Monitor retractable vertically from desktop automatically

0-20 degree titling angle adjustable to make prefect viewing angle for users

Virtually Silent working with excellent working life.

Panel size: 518.4*80mm

First cut out size 510*72mm

Second Cut out size: 518.4*80*3mm

The LCD box size: 501.02*69*601mm

Control Way: Touch key-press/ Remote control/RS485 central control

Used the Rj45 cable to connect to remote conntrol

Material: Aluminum alloy brushed panel, matt silver LCD frame.

Panel: brushed aluminum panel edging processing, high-grade utility for more conference table installation.

Used chain transmission up and down.

1,This LCD monitor is provided with an Automatic power ON / OFF system. When the monitor is going up, the power is will be switched ON automatically. In order to save energy and preserve the work life of the monitor, in the opposite state the monitor will be completely switched OFF

  1. Control methods: Remote control RS485, central control,manual control

3, LCD MONITOR LIFT using the control panel button, weakness contacts remote control,

485 code of centralized control combination, to adapt to various types of integrated system.

Only 5 control button to complete the rising key, stop, the control key down key, 2* the monitor set key

4.Have HDMI ,VGA, interface,


Depth of the monitor is adjusted to the minimum for an aesthetic and modern solution.

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