XD 0 Gap Series

XD Series 0 gap bonding all-in-one touch panel is designed to meet user demands in all kinds of industries with maximized flexibility. From Android versions to stylus and camera specifications, from sizes to installation methods, whatever you expect, we have it ready!

XD-A Series

XD-A Series infrared all-in-one touch panel embraces collaborative learning experience with 4K UHD display, anti-glare glass, inbuilt stereo speakers, multi-point touch and simultaneous multi-screen display

XDC Series

XDC  Series is a high-end capacitive touch panel specially designed for modern business professionals. Thanks to Xtreme self-developed SNW technology and groundbreaking optical bonding technology, XDC series delivers more true-to-life visuals, more natural writing experience, and more efficient collaborative interaction.

XDC TM Series

XDC TM Series capacitive intelligent board cleverly blends traditional marker-writing whiteboard and the latest SNW capacitive LCD touch panel not only through physical stitching, but also through software to make them interconnected.

XDCN silver nanowire Series

XDCN Series silver nanowire capacitive touch panel employs nano silver capacitive touch technology and provides excellent touch, writing and display performance.